Fathers Prayers Newsletter

May 2012

Dear All,

Hereby you will find the first newsletter from Fathers Prayers International. I can inform you that we have a great deal of good news. First of all, we have proceeded already a long way in the process of detaching ourselves from Mothers Prayers. As you will probably know, we were a managerial unity with Mothers Prayers. However, this changed after we went to the UK with a delegation of Fathers Prayers at the end of January 2011 for a weekend with all Fathers Prayers coordinators. It was determined that it would be better for Fathers Prayers to chose a position which is independent from Mothers Prayers. We have seen this confirmed in an image that Maurice Williams (former leader of Fathers Prayers International) had of three seeds which were planted by God separately at three different spots. Out of each seed a tree emerges which needs space and light to grow. At the same weekend we looked for a replacement of Maurice Williams as regretfully he could no longer carry out his tasks because of health reasons.

The Netherlands as responsible party for Fathers Prayers International
At the same weekend in the UK a choice has been made that a country would take the responsibility for Fathers Prayers for at least two years. That country has become the Netherlands. This means that currently we have a responsibility for all contacts and initiatives throughout the world for Fathers Prayers.

For this reason we have established a separate foundation Fathers Prayers (Stichting Fathers Prayers) in order to perform our tasks both at an international and national level. Per 27 September 2011 we are as Fathers Prayers a separate foundation with its own administrators. The administration consists of the following administrators: Willem Visser 't Hooft, Ger Schmeits (treasurer), Maurice Schemkes (secretary) and the undersigned as chairman.

Website and e-mail
We have also been working on a new website which can be used both by national and international users. The website has just been launched and can be found at: http://www.fathersprayers.org.  Some parts are still under construction but we hope to finalize the site within the coming months. We also have a general e-mail address which is already functional. This is: contact@fathersprayers.org. All e-mails will be read and answered by us.

Separate bank account
As we did not have a separate bank account and did not receive any gifts, the foundation has opened a separate bank account which functions both for national and international matters: the number is 57.65.937 (ING Bank) (IBAN: NL03INGB0005765937 BIC: INGBNL2A)
Per 1 January 2012 we also have been granted a separate status as an institution for general benefit ("ANBI"). This is good news as this means that all gifts to Fathers Prayers can be deducted from income or corporation tax in the Netherlands.

 Expenses and gifts
We have had many expenses for the new foundation and we would like to take a number of initiatives such as the printing of new prayer booklets and cards for the daily prayer. We would be very happy with gifts.

National Fathers Prayers Weekend (Friday 15 June- Sunday 17 June 2012)
Mr. Paul van de Brink came up with the idea of organizing a weekend for Fathers Prayers. We are very happy with this initiative. The weekend aimed at Dutch fathers is scheduled for Friday evening 15 June up to and including Sunday afternoon 17 June in the retreat center "Klein Sion" at Leuvenheim in the Netherlands (see http://www.kleinsion.nl).

Spiritual guide
As fathers we also need spiritual support and protection. For this we have Our caring Father. But also father John from the Community of Saint John is prepared to support us and we are very happy with this. We are very grateful to him and the Community of Saint John.

We would like you to pray for the spiritual awakening of men in the Netherlands and all over the world, and of course to pray for our new activities in order that we may become similar to  the holy Joseph.

Fathers Prayers groups
In the Netherlands there are currently 10 active groups of Fathers Prayers. These are in the following Dutch cities from south to north: Maastricht, Sittard, Roermond, Weert, Helmond, Houten, Soesterberg and Weiteveen. We are very happy to realize that the number of groups is growing.

Last but not least, we would like to express how important it is to walk together with God and take our responsibility towards God and our loved ones. We would like to cite a passage in the Bible in St. John 10 verse 10:

"I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly"

I would like to encourage you all to read the Scripture as is also possible during the prayers moments with Fathers Prayers. I would also like to encourage you to pray each day the daily prayer for the fathers.
On behalf of the group of men who share the responsibility,

Gerlo Sogtoen
Chairman Fathers Prayers International
General E-mail address: contact@fathersprayers.org
Bank Account: 57.65.937