Fathers Prayers Newsletter

October 2012

Dear All,

Hereby you will find the second newsletter of Fathers Prayers International.

In this newsletter there are two central themes. A review and preview of two special weekends. Firstly, for the first time a Fathers Prayers weekend took place in the Netherlands where we experienced with 10 men a very special weekend. Secondly, we are planning an international weekend for Fathers Prayers in the spring of 2013.

Furthermore, we are in the process to further improve the website of Fathers Prayers and it becomes increasingly clear that as fathers we succeed in reaching a more independent position.

In addition, we have taken the initiative to develop a flyer which includes a short summary of who we are, our contact details and the daily prayer. These flyers are divided among the Fathers Prayers groups and are meant to further provide information about us. For instance, during the Celebrate summer family conference for all Christians organized by the Dutch Catholic Charismatic Renewal, we had a Fathers Prayers stand for the whole week and we handed over flyers for interested fathers. We hope that in this way we have sown many seeds which through the power of the Lord might bear many fruits. At this moment the flyer is only available in Dutch but we have planned to have a translation soon.

Dutch Fathers Prayers weekend 15 - 17 June 2012
In the Netherlands the first Fathers Prayers weekend took place in Leuvenheim in the retreat center "Klein Sion" with the theme: "Sail out into the deep waters". This weekend was supported by father John from the Community of Saint John. On Friday evening we watched the movie "Courageous". This movie is about how fathers can take their responsibility for their loved ones and that they have the possibility to restore relationships. During the subsequent two days this theme has further been explained in depth by father John and everybody shared their life experiences. A weekend to which all of us look back with great enthousiasm.

Website and email
Our website is "in the air". We are still working on it such that it can also be used internationally in an efficient way. The general email address is contact@fathersprayers.org. All mails will be read and answered.

International Fathers Prayers weekend 15-17 March 2013
It is envisaged to organize an international weekend for Fathers Prayers during the weekend of 15 - 17 March 2013. Most likely this weekend will be held at the retreat center "Klein Sion" at Leuvenheim (http://www.kleinsion.nl). We would like not only to invite all the countries coordinators but all praying fathers are very welcome. About the costs and further details we will inform you at a later stage.

We would like to ask you to keep praying for the spiritual awakening of men in Europe and over the whole world. We also ask for a special prayer for our efforts to further build up Fathers Prayers.

At this moment there are 10 groups of Fathers Prayers in the Netherlands. These are in the following Dutch cities from south to north: Maastricht, Sittard, Roermond, Weert, Helmond, Houten, Losser, Soesterberg, Lisse and Weiteveen.

Separate bank account
Just a simple reminder in relation to our financial situation. We as foundation have opened a separate bank account which functions both for national and international matters: the number is 57.65.937 (ING Bank Maastricht) (IBAN: NL03INGB0005765937 BIC: INGBNL2A).
Per 1 January 2012 we also have been granted by the Dutch Tax authorities the special status of an institution for general benefit ("ANBI"). This is good news as this means that all donations to Fathers Prayers can be deducted from income or corporation tax in the Netherlands within the applicable limits.

It would be nice if you can provide us a testimony which visualizes that at a certain point in time the prayer of Fathers Prayers has become effective. We would welcome it very much if you could describe the event in brief summary style and mail it to us. We will then add the testimony to the next newsletter which surely shall encourage other people in their faith.

We would also like to remind you to keep on praying the Fathers Prayers daily prayer every day.

God bless!
On behalf of the group who share this responsibility


Gerlo Sogtoen

Chairman Fathers Prayers International
General e-mail address: contact@fathersprayers.org
Bank Account: 57.65.937