Fathers Prayers Foundation

The foundation was established in 2011.
It is located in the Netherlands (Stichting Fathers Prayers). Its postal address is:
Troubadoursborch 65
3992 BE Houten
The Netherlands

International Coordination Team

The foundation supports the work of the Fathers Prayers International Coordination Team which consists of Willem Visser ‘t Hooft, Maurice Schemkes (both from the Netherlands), Ivan Melo (Slovakia) and Alain Clappier (France). 

Our Fathers Prayers International Coordination Team maintains close contact with the country coordinators and maintains an overview of the groups all over the world. For more information please contact: contact@fathersprayers.org or call: +31 6 39441133 (Willem Visser ‘t Hooft).

Country Coordinators

In the following countries there are Fathers Prayers country coordinators which you may contact directly (and check their websites if available):

Czech Republic: Jan Brazdil, brazdil.jan@post.cz, +420 608512565
and Jaromír Liška, tel.: +420 602413539, jaromirliska1@gmail.com
(see also Czech website)
Hungary: Robert Proszenyak, robert.proszenyak@gmail.com, +36 307898386 (see also Hungarian website)
France: Alain Clappier, alain.clappier@gmail.com (see also French website)
New Zealand: Gavin Mehrotra, gavin@prestige.nz, +64 21976061
The Netherlands: Ger Schmeits, ger.schmeits@home.nl (see also Dutch website)
Russia: Andrew Letargin, fprayrus@mail.ru, +7 9651736411
Slovakia: Ivan Melo and Petr Maxa, modlitbyotcov@gmail.com (see also Slovakian website)
UK: John Murphy, johncmurphy@hotmail.co.uk, +44 7903683227

Mothers Prayers

We also maintain close contact with Mothers Prayers. For more information about Mothers Prayers please visit Mothers Prayers international website.

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