Maurice Williams set up Fathers Prayers in 2000. Together with 250 men he experienced the power of men praying together and praising God during a Men’s Weekend: “The power of their praise was so moving that I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit”. This led him to commence the work of Fathers Prayers. Maurice was a wonderful family man and always open to be led by the Lord. He followed the commandment: ‘Love the Lord your God above all things and your neighbor as yourself’ during his whole life.

He was also inspired by his wife Sandra and his sister Veronica who had set up Mothers Prayers in 1995. He travelled to many countries, promoting Fathers Prayers, which resulted in prayer groups all over the world. Meanwhile the Fathers Prayers booklets have been translated in 15 different languages. In 2011 the Fathers Prayers International Coordination Team was established to take over the role of Maurice (♰ 2013). This Coordination Team now continues to monitor and encourage the worldwide growth of Fathers Prayers.


The vision of Fathers Prayers is that by way of total surrender into God’s hands His power can fully manifest itself. This can be accomplished by praying daily for one’s family but also for other men asking the Lord to make them surrender their masks, be strong in their faith and avoid temptation in whatever form. Many men have dropped out of the routine of prayer. When we lead busy lives we can easily put off praying until later or until tomorrow. If we are busy we need to pray even more and we can achieve much more if we pray first.

In this respect being part of a Fathers Prayers group strengthens the joyful obedience to the Lord. The Lord said: ‘where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them’. If we, as fathers, pray daily in our different countries, then we will be truly blessed and the world will change through our prayers. Fathers Prayers is intended for both biological and spiritual fathers and is open for all Christian denominations.